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I would love to say that I had some great epiphany or that I was destined to write, but it wasn’t that glamorous.

I have always enjoyed writing and have tried my hand at several incomplete short stories of varying genres. The first was when I was 12 and visiting relatives. That first short story was thrown out because I was caught writing in my room well past midnight and the topic was “too mature”. Forget that I was twelve and working on my own aspiring masterpiece, nope… talent stifled and story thrown away. This did not stop my love of the written word.

I find real enjoyment in visiting worlds constructed of vivid imagery by authors, this is to say, I like to read. And for me creating my own world never seemed that far-fetched, it was all about timing.

And the timing was right on December 17th 2009. I had been thinking for days about writing again, but what? I didn’t want another failed short story to add to my collection, so I found myself daydreaming about Acacia and really hot guys… more on that later… but there she was and she was quite insistent that I tell her story.

So insistent, that I found myself walking from the shower hair soaking wet and a robe in place (not a toga by the way) to my favorite rocking chair and ottoman.

I grabbed the legal pad I had been using to make the week’s grocery list on and began writing. I wrote for four hours without stopping. For those of you that have heard of hypergraphia, will understand that I was a little afraid of what the unceasing movement of my pen meant. I know now. It meant I had a story to tell. Not the best story in the world, certainly not the world’s brightest or intellectually plotted story, but a story nonetheless.

Strangely, that opening sequence that was so, so important for me to get down did appear in the book. Just not on Chapter 1. Readers will find a version of that first glimpse of Acacia and crew in a Chapter titled Idiots Make The Best Snacks.

Funny, how things work out that way.



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